Monday, May 23, 2011

What's HOT

Attention all artists and photographers: we are looking for high quality photos and illustrations that fit the HOT categories below. Become a part of a winning library of images:

What’s HOT this month:

*Photos depicting the 50’s: rock n’ roll, poodle skirts, fuzzy dice, dancing the Lindy, etc.
*Natural looking photos of people
*Images of scales of justice; some made up of people
*Images of trees showing all four seasons
*Photos of kids learning and playing that are not staged

With all the changes in the industry, PhotoSpin is seeing an increase in talented photographers disillusioned with the big micro and subscription stock agencies. As a result, these photographers are submitting new and exciting work to us. To honor our contributing artists we’ll be featuring them in a series of press releases called “Meet The Artists”

If you are interested in promoting your business show us your work: