Monday, May 12, 2008

What’s HOT / What’s NOT

This month on What’s HOT / What’s NOT

For those of you new to What's HOT / What's NOT, it is our effort to target our customer requests and increase our product offerings by letting artists / photographers know what type of content that we're looking for to satisfy our customers' image needs.

What’s HOT this month:

*Active senior citizens- Not just cute couples but active: swimming, golfing, dancing, shopping...enjoying life to the fullest
*Food and the people that prepare and enjoy it- Entrees, gourmet meals, ingredients. Cooks, chefs and people enjoying dining out in restaurants, having picnics, etc.
* Everyday working people- Electricians, carpet cleaners, builders, painters, plumbers, gardeners, police, firemen, EMS personal..the people that are the backbone of our business and industry.

What’s NOT this month:

*Bad travel photos- If they are boring to your family and friends why on earth would you submit them?
* Portraits of your girlfriend- The one that told you she used to be a model in the 80’s-That was painful to look at!
*Grab shots of people on the street without model releases- My personal favorite. Can we say lawsuit anyone?

With all the changes in the industry, PhotoSpin is seeing an increase in talented photographers disillusioned with the big three stock agencies. As a result they are submitting new, and in some cases, exclusive work to us. To honor our contributing artists we’ll be featuring them in a new series of press releases called “Meet The Artists”

If you are interested in promoting your business show us your work:

We would be honored to represent you.