Monday, March 30, 2009

What's HOT

Attention all artists and photographers: we are looking for high quality photos and illustrations that fit the HOT categories below. Become a part of a winning library of images:

What’s HOT this month:

*Photos of people playing Bingo, card games, etc.
*Concerts: photos of musicians onstage as well as photos of their audiences (screaming fans, etc.)
*Trade shows: photos of trade show booths, people visiting trade show booths, etc.
*"Industrial manufacturing" type images that represent chemicals, research or the manufacturing process
*Images of teachers, students and school situations showing racial and sexual diversity
*Photos of kids with disabilities such as: medically fragile (wheelchair- and or/walker-bound), Down syndrome, hearing and vision impaired

With all the changes in the industry, PhotoSpin is seeing an increase in talented photographers disillusioned with the big three stock agencies. As a result, these photographers are submitting new, and in some cases, exclusive work to us. To honor our contributing artists we’ll be featuring them in a new series of press releases called“Meet The Artists”

If you are interested in promoting your business show us your work:

We would be honored to represent you.

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